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The AmeriCorps is Coming!

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AmeriCorps Pacific Region Green 5 Team – Photo AmeriCorps

The Creamery District will welcome the ten person Green 5 Team of the AmeriCorps NCCC Pacific Region on June 2, 2015.  The Team will be working on beautification, landscaping, creek restoration, and trail building projects with the Creamery District and the City of Arcata Environmental Services Department June 2 through June 29.

The AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (AmeriCorps NCCC) is a full-time, team-based residential service program for Americans aged 18 to 24.  The 10 to 12 member teams serve in communities throughout the 50 states and U.S territories.  The mission of AmeriCorps NCCC is to strengthen communities and develop leaders through team-based national and community service.  AmeriCorps NCCC project focus on Urban and Rural Development, Natural and Other Disasters, Infrastructure Improvement, Environmental Stewardship and Conservation, and Energy Conservation.

Project organizers, Louis Hoiland for the Creamery District and Mark Andre and Dennis Houghton for the City of Arcata, have chosen and prepared projects that will benefit our community.  The entryway to the Creamery District at 9th and K Streets will receive an upgrade through restoration of Jolly Giant Creek which includes removal of non-native invasive plants, removal of trash, removing blockages in the creek channel, planting of native trees and installing a fence to protect the habitat.  The storage units at 9th and L will receive a bright paint job.  Along the new bike path on L Street and along Creamery District streets the crew will be improving landscaping.  The City of Arcata will utilize the crew to build two half-mile trails to improve the trial system in the Arcata Community Forest.