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Susan Bloch: The Zephyr

Artists Statement

The Zephyr is a colorful, rainbow-generating mobile hanging on the Northcoast Children’s Services building at 9th and L Streets. Zephyr is out of reach yet viewable from inside the building and beckons to the heads of passersby to turn upward. The mobile delights the senses and appeals to all ages, as copper clinks and ribbons of light spring from the crystals.

I am a mixed media sculptor with a focus on glass. I have done extensive commission work primarily in glass, as well as other materials.  I’ve created enumerable commission sculptures, etched and stained glass windows, as well as art for exhibit. What I see going on in the Creamery District excites me into participating. I love to share the magical nature of glass with the community.

Please visit my Bloch Studio website.