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Street Mural Ordinance Approved

street muralThe Arcata City Council voted unanimously to approve a street mural ordinance on April 16, 2014.  The ordinance permits citizens and organizations to paint murals on city streets under specific conditions.  The City Manager is authorized to approve special activity permits to paint street murals if all requirements are met.  The approval process includes submission of diagrams of the proposed art,  acquiring liability insurance and posting sufficient funds to maintain the mural.

The Creamery District plans to paint street murals in the neighborhood within the next year.

According to Portland, Oregon’s community organization City Repair, our streets are one of the only public spaces we have in our neighborhoods.  By painting murals on our streets, we create a public space that all can enjoy.  The streets become a place where people want to go, where they feel safe and welcome.  Transformed streets are also beautiful and interesting and are a meaningful expression of the local culture.  See City Repair website.