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Special Opportunity Zone Meeting

Zoning map

Zoning Map – City of Arcata

There will be an special Creamery District Meeting at 2 p.m. on March 25 at the Arcata Playhouse, 1251 9th Street, regarding zoning changes in the Creamery District.  The Creamery District Leadership Team is inviting anyone interested in zoning in the Creamery District to come to the meeting.

The Creamery District has been working with Larry Oetker, Director of the Community Development Department at the City of Arcata, to create an Opportunity Zone for the Creamery District.  An Opportunity Zone is a special planning designation that allows a wide range of businesses and activities.  The current Industrial Limited/Industrial Commercial zoning of the Creamery District permits very few uses. 

At this very important special meeting, the group will be choosing which uses to permit and with uses to deny for the Opportunity Zone.  Anyone interested can download the Table 2-10 excerpt from the Land Use Code.  Table 2-10 is the document from which the group will be choosing uses.

Anyone with interest in the Opportunity Zone is welcome to participate in the meeting. For more information email CreameryInfo@Gmail.com.