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Robert Pabst: Urban Art

Artist’s Statement

My proposal for the Urban Art installation, was a request for sanctioned, legal urban art murals in the Creamery District. Humboldt County doesn’t have a formally-sanctioned location for urban artists to complete projects, and the Creamery project is a perfect opportunity to sanction at least one location for my team to maintain on a regular basis.

My team of artists works with the highest quality spray paint available, German Brand Montana-Cans, which has been specially formulated to hold-up under extreme outdoor conditions. Our artwork uses vibrant color, bold stylistic elements and intricate detail.  Even people who don’t think they like urban art appreciate our work — like the Hobart Brown tribute piece we did along the Kinetic Sculpture Race route in 2012, where many of the racers stopped to take photographs with the work the artists did.

Some of my work can be found at my CINOone website.