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Rivers and Tides Sculpture Gallery – Call to Artists

Rivers and Tides Sculpture Gallery

June 27, 2015

Dear Artist,

We are holding the first annual Rivers and Tides Sculpture Gallery on June 27 at the Creamery District Art Market.  We would love to have your participation! 

Our event is inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy and many other environmental artists (see links below).

Here is how it works:

* The Creamery District solicits artists to create a sculpture.

* The Creamery District finds donors from the community who will pay $50 to sponsor a sculpture.

* The artist creates an ephemeral sculpture using only natural objects on plots along 9th Street between K and N Streets on Saturday, June 27 during the hours of 9 a.m. and noon. (See below for artist instructions…)

* A professional photographer takes a photo of each sculpture to document the project; copies of the photograph are given to the artist and the sponsor.

* The Creamery District splits the sponsor donation with the artist.

We hope this project is inspiring to you and you want to participate.  If you are interested please contact Louis at CreameryInfo@gmail.com or 707-502-7803.

Thank you,

Louis Hoiland

Some Interesting links:

Rivers and Tides full documentary

Rivers and Tides documentary trailer

Art of Andy Goldsworthy

Art of Thea Alvin

Art of Martin HIll

Art of David Allen


Instructions for Artists

Rivers and Tides Sculpture Gallery

June 27, 2015

1. The art created in the Rivers and Tides Sculpture Gallery is intended to follow the spirit of the natural, ephemeral art of environmental artists such as Andy Goldsworthy, Thea Alvin, Martin Hill, David Allen and others.

2. Only natural items can be used to create the sculpture.  Examples of natural items include rocks, sand, soil, leaves, twigs, branches, shells, etc.  No human made items, pigments or processed natural items shall be used.

3. Artists need to procure and bring their own materials for the sculpture they create.

4. The sculpture will be created in the given 4 foot by 4 foot space provided between 9 pm and to 12 pm on Saturday, June 27.

5. The sculptures are intended to be ephemeral (temporary) and may be removed by the artist or property owner on Monday, June 30, or left in place to degrade through natural processes.