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Redwood Coast Belly Dance Festival


Guest dancer Basinah

The 10th Annual Redwood Coast Belly Dance Festival was presented on October 3, 4 and 5, by Shoshanna, of Redwood Raks World Dance Studio, and Mosaic Productions, a non-profit Dream Maker program of The Ink People Center for the Arts. The Festival at Redwood Raks celebrated a diverse showcase of the many styles that make up Belly Dancing and featured amazing performances by dancers from across the region, great shopping, incredible workshops, henna, food and much more!  The Redwood Coast Belly Dance Festival was an excellent event for the whole family to enjoy.

The Festival included the Jewel of the Redwoods Dance Competition which was open to all styles of dance. The dancers had amazing costumes, choreography and props (Zils, canes, swords, veils, fans, trays). The judges focused on freshness of the dance, depth of musicality and interaction between dancer, audience and music. Alexandra Stock of YaHabibi Dance Company won this year’s Jewel of the Redwoods.

The Festival also included three amazing guest artists: Dalia Carella of New York City, world renowned instructor, performer and fusion artist; Luna of Santa Rosa, CA, global fusion dancer; and Basinah or Palo Alto, CA, the winner of the first Redwood Coast Belly Dance Festival Jewel of the Redwoods.

See the Redwood Coast Belly Dance Festival website  or the Redwood Raks website for more information.