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Performer Information and Application

Sweet Soul Band at Art Market - Photo by Louis Hoiland

Sweet Soul Band at Art Market – Photo by Louis Hoiland

About the Creamery District Saturday Market Gig

The Market is held in the Creamery District of Arcata, the last Saturday of each month from April through November.   This is an outdoor venue with a concrete or asphalt floor.

Performers are required to set up before 12 pm and be ready to begin their first set at 12 pm.  The schedule consists of three sets of approximately 45 minutes each, with breaks in-between sets.  The last performance ends at 3 pm.  A sound technician will be on hand to set up and run a PA system.  A cash payment of $120 will be made to the bandleader by the sound technician at 3 pm.

Yearly Application

The Performer Application must be submitted every year in order for the band to be booked for the Market.  To become a performer at the Creamery District Market, complete the application form below.  We accept performer applications at any time during the year, but we book the bands during the winter months (December to March) when the Market is not in session.

Song Submission

If you have not played an Saturday Market before, please submit recordings of four (4) songs.   Song submission can be completed in one of three ways (in order of preference): (1) Provide a URL to online song performances on the application, (2) Email MP3s of songs (or URLs to performances) to CreameryInfo@gmail.com, with the Subject line as “Song Submission – Your Band Name,” or (3) Mail a demo CD with a copy of the performer application to “Creamery District Market Song Submission”, Creamery District Market, 1251 9th Street, Arcata CA, 95521”.

Public Address System

The Creamery District Market public address system includes two powered main speakers, four powered monitors, solo and instrument microphones, microphone stands and microphone and power cables.  The sound technician will contact the bandleader, using the telephone number provided by the band, at least one week before the scheduled gig; the band must supply the Creamery District sound technician with a listing of any special PA system needs at that time.