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Creamery District Kicks Off Membership Drive

The Creamery District is seeking memberships from local businesses, organizations and individuals.  A strong organization will bring needed improvements and also help preserve the unique character of the neighborhood.  A Creamery District volunteer will be contacting potential members, but anyone can join on this website by going to the Join Us page.

Open House - Photo by Kevin Hoover

Open House – Photo by Kevin Hoover

The Creamery District works to improve the neighborhood surrounding the Creamery building for artists, entrepreneurs and residents by organizing improvement work, festivals and events, by advocating for positive change with government agencies, by obtaining grant funds and through marketing efforts.  Since its inception, the Creamery District organization has coordinated numerous community visioning, design and planning meetings, held two art festivals, obtained more than $100,000 in grant funds, commissioned public art work and spurred beautification efforts, See the About page for information on the Creamery District organization.

Yearly memberships are $15 for individuals and $25, $50 or $100 for businesses and organizations.  Beyond the crucial support of the Creamery District, membership also brings specific benefits such as a beautiful locally made member plaque, the use of the Creamery District website for marketing and forums and discounted vendor fees at the Creamery District Art Market.


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