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Marimba One

marimba one

Marimba One is led by founder and president Ron Samuels, entrepreneur and visionary driven with the quest of continuing acoustic and engineering innovation. Ron and the Marimba One artisans work with musicians worldwide to create the finest concert marimbas and professional mallets that can be made. Marimba One is grounded in the belief that each and every marimba should be custom designed and handmade for each musician: an instrument of art.

Because we truly love these instruments, we are passionate about our customer service, and offer an outstanding warranty to back our uniquely designed, handcrafted marimbas. Listen to our marimbas all over the world, played in prestigious colleges and universities, professional orchestras and high schools, and by classical and modern soloists and ensembles.


Marimba One
901 O St # D
Arcata, CA 95521
PO Box 786
Arcata, CA 95518