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Lori Goodman: The Gathering

Artist’s Statement

As I walked around the Creamery District thinking about the installation I was to create, I saw many wonderful sites that inspired my imagination. The main substance of my mixed media sculptures and installations is Kozo, the bark of the Japanese mulberry tree. For thousands of years this bark has been harvested in Japan and made into an extremely strong and beautiful paper — long, shiny and translucent fiber.  The natural beauty of the white paper is exciting and mysterious in itself, but sometimes I dye it, which creates an intense and integral color. Often the paper is stretched like skin over an armature of reed, cane or bamboo. The ancientness of this process continues to be seductive.

The structures in this installation are the result of looking intimately at and absorbing parts of life; the small things can be astonishing and overlooked. Often this analysis results in dissecting and amplifying my observations; making the work then becomes intuitive. Hopefully the exaggerated components I created will inspire scrutiny and thought in the observer, which will bring the forms out of the realm of any specific reality.  These sculptures are made of paper, wood and bamboo that was then fiber-glassed for strength and durability.

For more information about her art, see Lori Goodman’s website.