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Lantern Building Workshops

Malia's Lantern Building Instructions

Malia Penhall’s Lantern Building Instructions – Photo by Louis Hoiland

To get public participation in the arts and to create lanterns for the Creamery Festival of August 23-25, 2013, a series of 37 lantern building workshops were held.  The lantern building workshops were held in the Creamery District and at other local sites — Fortuna, Eureka, Blue Lake, McKinleyville and Arcata.  Over 500 people participated in the lantern workshops.

At the workshops participants created two different kinds of lanterns.  The first type of lantern employed a balloon to create the structure of the lantern.  It was then decorated with colored tissue paper that corresponded with the five different elements; fire, water, air, earth and spirit.  Hundreds of these types of lantern were created by the community for the festival.  The second type of lantern uses thin bamboo to create a frame for the lantern.  This frame could be shaped into something as simple as a cube or into something as complicated as a puffer fish.  Some of the complex lanterns that were made include huge carrot, a giant campfire, mushrooms, sea turtle, blue bird, banana slug and the earth.