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Humboldt Fervor Fest Heading for Zero Waste

Zero Waste

Alec Howard of Zero Waste Humboldt – Photo Louis Hoiland

Why is this man so happy?

Alec Howard of Zero Waste Humboldt is delighted that the Humboldt Fervor Fest inaugurated reusable glasses, plates and utensils to serve the festival’s delicious food and drink.

The new “community cupboard” was initiated by Humboldt Fervor Fest, Zero Waste Humboldt and the Sister City Project, which hosts the I Street Block Party.  The community cupboard is a set of dishes, glasses and utensils that are available to non-profit organizations who sponsor festivals in our region.  The three founding organizations hope to be adding other local non-profits such as Arcata Mainstreet who put on the Oyster Fest and Arts! Arcata and the Arcata Chamber of Commerce who organize the 4th of July Jubilee.

Another Arcata pioneer in reuse, Joanne McGarry, donated her Bright and Green reusable plates and utensils for use at the Humboldt Fervor Fest.  Joanne has been providing her Bright and Green reusables to non-profits for years.

The Humboldt Fervor Fest, held in the Creamery District on Aug. 13 from 1-5 p.m. was a resounding success in so many ways.  More than one thousand people attended the fermented food and drink sampling event.  They enjoyed beer, wine, cider, kombucha, distilled spirits, pickled foods, cheese, bread and other delicious items.  See the Humboldt Fervor Fest website for more information on the festival.