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History of Creamery District in Photographs

1947 Aerial View of Creamery District - Photo HSU Shuster

1947 Aerial View of Creamery District – Photo HSU Shuster

The Historical Sites Society of Arcata invites the public to a presentation on the history of Arcata’s Creamery District, Thursday, Nov. 20 from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. at the Arcata Playhouse, 1251 Ninth St.  Fran Beatty, a local landscape historian, will feature historic photographs from local archives to illustrate the district’s industrial past.  The public is welcome and invited to bring their lunch.  Beverages will be served.

The Creamery District is a vibrant arts and commerce neighborhood, which is centered on the 1918 Creamery Building between Eighth and Ninth Streets.  The district’s transitions from a busy industrial area to thriving art and business enclave have been at once dramatic and gradual.  The Creamery District is an example of how the arts can transform a neighborhood and renew economic and community health.

Fran Beatty elaborates on her project:

“I’m interested in exploring photographs as a primary record and a point of departure in understanding the history of our built environment.  The Creamery District has a rich past that would benefit from being narrated with images.  The collections at Humboldt State University Library and the Historical Sites Society of Arcata were invaluable local archives.  The presentation itself will feature some of the photographs from these collections, as there are too many for a cogent display, and contemporary photographs for orientation and comparison purposes. As usual in compiling any history, the more information I gather the more I know that I do not know.  This presentation is very much in a nascent stage, and a work in progress.”

This talk is a program of the Historical Sites Society of Arcata and partially funded by the Tracy Memorial Trust at the Humboldt Area Foundation.