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Gypsy and Loic

Gypsy and Loic logoInspired by the spirit of art, love, and nature, Gypsy and Loic is an Arcata based design team on a mission to create fun and unique accessories that are made here in the USA from up-cycled and recycled fabrics. Our mission at G&L is to do good and feel good! To support local manufacturers, use Earth-friendly fabrics, give back to social causes, and inspire people to share in the possibility of a sustainable future.

Gypsy and Loic are partners in life and in business. They have been together since 1996 and have been designing together since 2000. They went to school at FIDM and the Academy of Pattern Making and Design in San Francisco. After graduating in 2001, they earned internships where they got hands-on experience with production. Shortly thereafter, they started producing and selling their own clothes and never looked back!

During this time, they had their first child and five years later had their second. As they considered their children’s future and the planet’s, their were inspired to start making clothing that was natural, sustainable, and, of course, unique and fun. From then until now, Gypsy and Loic has been true to this initial inspiration and we are so grateful that people around the country are resonating with our line and mission.

You can find our products locally at Solutions on the Plaza and Eureka Natural Foods, at many Whole Foods Markets throughout the county, and at other select retailers. Contact us with any questions or to find a location near you!


Gypsy and Loic
820 N Street Suite 3
Arcata, California 95521
(530) 513-2378