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Goodbye To Our AmeriCorps Crew

AmeriCorps crew

AmeriCorps Crew – Photo Louis Hoiland

The ten-person AmeriCorps NCCC Crew (Green Team 5 from the Pacific Region) pulled up stakes and left town after working for a month in the Creamery District and the Arcata Community Forest.  This dedicated and hard-working crew arrived on June 2 and set up camp in the open space adjacent to Tomas Jewelry; the crew left on June 29.  The Creamery District applied to have the crew work here partnering with the City of Arcata Environmental Services Department.  Members of the crew are each from a different state — they hail from Maine, Tennessee, Missouri, North Carolina, Washington DC, Texas, Illinois, Colorado, Oregon and California.

The crew’s camping facilities, refrigeration, water, power, lighting, pop-up tents, portable toilets, showers and security fencing were provided by generous donations from Tomas Jewelry, the Arcata Playhouse, Holly Yashi, Finigan & Thonson, HealthSport and the City of Arcata.

The crew completed a restoration project on Jolly Giant Creek at 9th and K Streets, built a fence at 9th and K Streets to protect the restored creek, painted the storage units at 9th and L Streets, and completed many landscaping projects in the Creamery District.  Materials for the projects were donated by Hensel’s Ace Hardware, Pierson’s Building Center, Arcata Forest Products, the Mill Yard, Almquist Lumber, Lost Foods Native Plant Nursery, Holly Yashi and the City of Arcata.  A California Arts Council grant obtained by Jackie Dandeneau also paid for some materials.  Louis Hoiland supervised and worked alongside the crew in the Creamery District.

After their two weeks of work in the Creamery District, the crew built a half-mile section of trail from Panorama Court in Sunny Brae to connect to the Ridge Trail in the Arcata Community Forest.  The crew was supervised by Environmental Services staff Dennis Houghton and Darius Damonte for the trail construction work.

Here are the statistics for the Creamery District work completed by the AmeriCorps Crew:

Creek Restoration Project
Invasive plants and trimming green waste removed – 35 cubic yards
Trash removed = 2.5 cubic yards
Trees planted = 29
Trees watered 29 x 8 = 232
Exclusion fence built = 130 ft

Storage Units Beautification Project
5,250 square feet of walls painted (25 gallons of paint used)

Landscaping Projects
Soil dug up and moved = 15 cubic yards
Wood mulch moved and placed in planters = 10 cubic yards
Gravel moved and placed in planters = 2 cubic yards
Landscape plants planted = 18
Paving stones set in sand = 210 square feet