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Giant Pony is Newest Commissioned Art

pony for articleThe newest art piece to be commissioned by the Creamery District is a 15 foot tall Pink, Polka-dot, Peg-legged Pony Pull-toy. The mobile sculpture is the brainchild and product of artists Lush Newton and James Hildebrandt with support of David Ferney and Malia Penhall.

Funds from the California Arts Council covered the bulk of the construction cost with additional generous donations of building space provided by Holly Yashi Jewelry and building materials from McKinney’s Do It Best in Arcata.  Recent fundraising from the Pony Up Party at the Arcata Playhouse on August 29, will cover the remaining cost of finishing the sculpture.

The body of the beast is made from flat panels of rigid foam insulation which are cut, glued together and sculpted. The panels are built over a frame of PVC pipe and plywood with steel reinforcement. Then entire equine piece is mounted on a giant cart so it can be pulled to various venues. The head and neck section can be removed to facilitate storage. The finishing touches will be added in the next month and the finished unveiled at the September 27 Creamery District Art Market.

“We are very excited to be in the home stretch of this epic project and look forward to showing it off to the community.” Said Playhouse organizer David Ferney.  In explaining the significance of a peg leg, engineer and artist James Hildebrandt said that, “Usually horses are put down when they break a leg. Our sculpture shows that even though the pony has suffered damage, it still is considered important and receives our love and support.”

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