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FleART Market

Join local vendors on Sunday, July 28th for a special day of not just any old flea or art market but a flea AND art market, a FleART Market! Where art, weird stuff, and cool junk is itching to be sold. Complete with an Express Fifteen Aisle, live entertainment, and food and drink.

The musical minglings of Space Socks, The Blue Lake Choir and Humboldt Drummers with Jesse J will be enjoyed throughout the day. The newest addition to the district, The Pub at the Creamery, will be open for business serving high-quality pub food, wood-fired pizzas and roughly 30 beers on tap.

The FLeART market will feature traditional booths as well as a brand-new innovative idea, the Express Fifteen Aisle. Comprised of local vendors limited to sell 15 items or less, the Express Fifteen Aisle will be a quick way for vendors to display high quality and larger items. It’s a way for deal seekers to add to their boudoir, basket or balcony.

Don’t miss out on a fun day of music, art, and commerce for the FleART Market at the Creamery District on Sunday, July 28th, from 11:00-4:00 pm!

The Creamery Districts FleART Market, located at 1259 9th Street, Arcata is open to the public 11-4p.m., Sunday, July 28th. Admission is free. Everyone is welcome to vend. Interested? A spot for the Express Fifteen Aisle is $15 payable before the event, by July 15th. A standard booth is $25 payable before the event, by July 15th, or 10% of sales after the event. To reserve your spot contact Tisha@arcataplayhouse.org