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About the Creamery District

Our Mission

Our Mission is to create a vibrant, diverse community where artists and entrepreneurs prosper.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to build a collaborative, diverse and vibrant neighborhood, with a thriving arts community, prosperous and creative commerce and industry sectors, innovative mixed use development, exceptional street redevelopment and safety improvements, and authentic green spaces and recreation opportunities.


Wordle for the Creamery District — From Fawn Scheer


Our Leadership Team  is pursuing the Goals of the Creamery District and developing a self-governing organization. Playhouse Arts, the Local Arts Agency for the City of Arcata, will continue as the fiscal sponsor for Creamery District through 2015.

Thank You

We are grateful to have received over $100,000 of grants from our Sponsors to create and promote the Creamery District.  In-Kind Donations of thousands of hours of volunteer work and professional services have made our efforts so successful.