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New Creamery District Road Signs on K Street

New Creamery District Road Sign - Photo Louis Hoiland

New Creamery District Road Sign – Photo Louis Hoiland

The City of Arcata has installed two signs on K Street pointing the way to the Creamery District.  The signs were installed the week of November 17.  The Creamery District has been in consultation with the City for some time to get the signs installed. 

The Director of Public Works, Doby Class spearheaded this project, Traffic Control Technician, Art Hill created the signs and Public Works Superintendent, Cliff Poulton had them installed. 

The bright blue signs feature the words “Creamery District”, have an arrow pointing down 9th Street and contain part of the Creamery District logo created by artist Lush Newton.  One sign is located on northbound K Street, between 8th and 9th Streets, and the other is located on southbound K Street, between 10th and 9th Streets.