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Vendor Information and Registration

Creamery District Ceramic Artists

Creamery District Ceramic Artists


The Creamery District Night Market is held in the Creamery District of Arcata, from 6 p. m. to 9 p.m., once a month.   This is an indoor/outdoor venue with most of the Businesses and artist studios open.  The Creamery District strives to make the Night Market fun, hassle-free and profitable for our businesses and vendors.


Vendors are responsible to set up their own booth during the 4-6 pm set-up time. Booth fees must be paid in cash during this time.  Booth spaces can be whatever size, and you must bring your own tables, chairs and tents (if you want) During the market times of 6-9 p.m., vendors must supervise their booths, keep their booth area tidy, and keep all adjacent aisles and fire lanes clear of goods and other items.


Potential vendors must complete a registration form, provide their California Seller’s Permit Number, proof of an Arcata Business License, and sign a Release of Liability.  The online Vendor Registration form is below. To request a specific booth space, a vendor must use the online form.  Unless a booth space is requested on the online form, booth spaces will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.

Once registered, vendors do not have to re-register in succeeding months.  Booth fees may be paid at the time of set-up if the vendor has been registered and has attended the Art Market the month before.

For 2018, booth space fees are $25.


The Creamery District keeps it’s booth fee low in order to support our artists.  The City of Arcata requires both a California Seller’s permit and an Arcata Business License for any sales within the city limits. The Seller’s Permit is free of charge and vendors may visit the Seller’s Permit website for more information.  

The City of Arcata has recently changed their policy regarding booth business licenses.  Vendors should download a One Day Booth Business License ($21) or a Creamery District Saturday Market form ($41) that is good for one year.  The vendor then completes the form and submits both the form and payment to the Creamery District two weeks in advance of the Night Market.


A vendor may arrive on Night Market day and set up without contacting the Market Manager if all of the following conditions are met: (1) The vendor has a Registration Form on file with the Market, and (2) The vendor had a booth at the Night Market or any Creamery District Event.

If a returning vendor was a no show on the Night Market after signing up, they must do the following: (1) Sign up for a booth by contacting the Market Manager by phone or email at least two weeks prior to the Night Market they wish to attend and (2) Make a cash booth fee payment, in person, prior to the Night Market Day.


If booth spaces are available, they may be acquired on Saturday Market Day, on a first-come, first-served basis, provided the vendor does the following: (1) Arrives early enough to set up during the 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. set up time window, (2) Completes a Registration Form and Release of Liability, (3) Shows proof of Seller’s Permit and Arcata Business License, and (4) Pays the cash booth fee.


Vendors and customers may bring their own food and drink to the market for their own personal consumption. Restrooms are available on the Night Market site.

Contact the Market Manager

Creamery District Night Market
c/o 1251 9TH St Arcata, CA 95521