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Dec 3 – City Council Decides on 9th Street Extension

9th Street Extension Area - Photo from City of Arcata GIS

9th Street Extension Area – Photo from City of Arcata GIS

On Dec. 3, the Arcata City Council will be deciding between two alternative road connections between N St and the Los Harbors development.  The alternative supported by City staff would extend 9th Street to the west from the intersection of 9th and N Streets.  The other alternative, dubbed 8 1/2 Street, would make a connection to N Street mid-block between 8th and 9th Streets.  Larry Oetker and Netra Khatri form the City of Arcata met with Creamery District organizers, business and property owners at a special meeting at the Arcata Playhouse on Nov. 20 at 10 a.m.

At the meeting, the two City of Arcata staff described the Los Harbors development process and sought input from those in attendance.  The connection to N Street is a “secondary access” that  is required for the development to continue.  Los Harbors has one building ready for construction on O Street across from their first building which houses Marimba One and other local businesses.  Other development is planned for the future — up to seven more commercial or light industrial buildings.

The secondary access road impacts several Creamery District businesses and property owners directly and has implications for the entire District.  Traffic flow, impacting wetlands, safety, the usability of property and aesthetics are all issues that involve the Creamery District.  The meeting was cordial and positive even though there were strong feelings on different sides of the issue. 

Anyone with concerns about this issue should attend the Dec. 3 City Council meeting and let their voice be heard.