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City Council Decides on “9th Street Alternative”

Los Harbors Development pic

Los Harbors Development Showing “9th Street Alternative”

On December 3, the Arcata City Council chose the “9th Street Alternative” for the secondary access road to the Los Harbors development.  This alternative is a street between N and O Streets that begins at the intersection of 9th and N Streets, makes a “dog leg” bend and then connects to O Street.  The street will not have to be constructed until the third Los Harbors commercial building will be ready for occupancy, which could be up to five years from now. Los Harbors is in the process of designing and developing their second commercial building for O Street — the first being the building occupied by Marimba One and other businesses. (Click to see a larger version of Los Harbors Development graphic.)

The Council made their decision after hearing from the developer and several Creamery District property owners, businesses owners and residents at the Council meeting.  Along with the designation of the “9th Street Alternative”, the Council also instructed City staff to work with the Coastal Commission to realign the Coastal Zone Boundary in this area and to work to make the “Slaughterhouse Road” (Q Street) a viable secondary access road from Los Harbors development to Samoa Blvd.

One Creamery District member mentioned the poor state of N Street between 8th and 10th Streets.  Councilwoman Alex Stillman echoed the concern for maintaining N Street and asked City staff to add this to their project schedule.