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Call for Artists – Downstream Designs

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Example Street Mural – Downstream Designs, City of Arcata

The City of Arcata’s Downstream Designs project is seeking local Artist to design and paint stormwater drain murals at three selected sites.  Share your art with the community and help protect our local watershed by submitting an original design for a stormwater drain mural. Artists submissions are due May 1, 2015.  All submissions will be included in a gallery show at the City Hall for Arts! Arcata on May 8, 2015.  Stipend of $500 will be awarded to the three selected muralists.

This unique and educational program utilizes art to communicate the function and importance of storm drains and storm water pollution prevention. Artists will be selected to paint vibrant educational storm drain murals that will create awareness and engage community members with a take home message about watershed pollution and thei role in prevention. The purpose of downstream designs is to draw attention to the usually discreet concrete and iron infrastructure with the hope that observers stop and think about where the water flows after it enters a storm drain. If residents understand that stormwater flows untreated into our urban creeks, streams, and finally into Humboldt Bay they will be more conscious of potential pollutants that can enter those waterways and, in turn, change their behavior to minimize possible pollutants.

Downstream Deisgns staff have selected three potential storm drain sites within the City of Arcata that will be part of the open call for artists. Each mural design should incorporate as many of the following components as possible:

* An image that creates awareness and engages individuals with specifics about watershed pollution in our community and their role in prevention.

* If including plants and animals in your design please use species native to our local watershed.

* Address the types of pollution specifically affecting our local watershed these include: Cigarette butts, litter, urban runoff such as leaking motor oil, pesticides, and herbicides.

For more information and to get an artists application, go to the Downstream Designs webpage.