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Bang! Bang! Newest Creamery District Store

bang bang pic

Bang! Bang! Sign – Photo Jane Williams

Bang! Bang! Vintage is having a Grand Reopening in the Creamery District. Everyone is invited to visit Bang! Bang! in the new location in the fabulous, historic, Creamery building next to Redwood Raks World Dance Studio, 824 L St, Arcata.

For Arts Arcata, July 8th, 6:00-9:00, Bang! Bang! will have art by Chuck Johnson and Erica Davie and music by DJ’s Miss Sure Shot and Easton.  Refreshments are provided: cider tastings by Wrangletown Cider, plus other snacks and beverages.

Bang! Bang! has recently relocated from the 941 H Street location in Arcata to the Creamery Building.  Bang! Bang! has a fantastic reputation.  Here are two quotes from Yelp reviews:  “Bang Bang is the best consignment shop in Arcata!” “Great selection of clothes, VERY well organized and labeled, and all at a reasonable price!”