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Art Market Honored by Murphy’s Markets


Thank you to Carlos Avelar of Murphy’s Markets for supporting the Creamery District Art Market!  The Northcoast Journal (page 12 on October 23) contained a full-page ad saluting the Creamery District Art Market. Murphy’s Markets has been honoring  community members twice a month since 1992 in their ongoing series of Northcoast Journal advertisements.

The text of the ad gave an overview of the Creamery District, a review of the Art Market and some interesting tidbits about the Market Manager and the owners of the Arcata Playhouse.  Half a dozen photos illustrated the ad.  A quotation from the ad text is as follows:

“The intent of the Art Market organizers is to provide local artists and crafters an accessible, affordable place to sell their stuff.  There is space for 27 vendors, and booth fees are low — just $10 a month, and free for Creamery District members.”

“September’s Art Market unfolded on a glorious sunny day. Artists offered everything from pottery to jewelry to hand-sewn bags, tie-dyed garments and carved woodwork.  The atmosphere was great: playful, light, enthusiastic.  Participants enjoyed live music, lemonade and cookies, a physical comedy performance and even a pop-up miniature golf course sponsored by SCRAP Humboldt and the Arcata Playhouse.”

Thank you to Amy Barnes of the Northcoast Journal who took the time to complete interviews, visit the Art Market and create a very nice piece.  Click here to see the full ad.