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9th and L Street Painting

9th & L Street Painting - Chuck Johnson

9th & L Street Painting – Chuck Johnson

Artist Statement

As a group of artists we wanted to create a contemporary visual art landmark in the Creamery District. We base the circular design on the five elements featured in Elemental: earth, air, water, fire and spirit. In the north facing earth section Lush Newton uses greens and browns in a rock like pattern. Malia Penhall’s eastern section has light blue and purple wind like marks to represent air. Jackie Dandeneau uses a variety of blues in her depiction of water that faces west. Red, orange and yellow triangles mimic fire in James Hildebrant’s representation of the element fire in the southern quadrant. We used all the primary and secondary colors to represent spirit. We feel that the element spirit is at the core of four elements and it also unifies them. We painted the colors in the center of the whole design and in a rainbow pattern around the whole design.

The mandala is 32 feet in diameter. It took a whole day painting with the help of many community members to complete the elemental mandala.